Garden Help-consulting

Issues with your indoor or outdoor garden? Well turn that frown up side down, Garden Help is here for YOU!

We all know how frustrating it is to have an issue that you cant solve. That’s why we took on our staff of Agricultural Consultants! Our staff is a mix of breeders who like to experiment with ALL growing mediums from soil/soiless to Stone Wool. With the experience and plethora of knowledge this group brings to the table, we have seen some great recoveries!!

There are base points that always need to be covered if you are growing indoors. Depending on where you are will determine if growing outdoors is a good viable option for you, as some climates are not as hospitable to certain plant strains. Different strains are often seen in different climates and this should be thought of before deciding to set up your grow! We can help make recommendations for your outdoor strains which are more resistant to mold/mildew/pests etc.!

Our Consulting staff can perform diagnostics through video or voice and receive pictures you send for inspection. We charge a modest hourly fee for the services of our very experienced staff and can also help you set up remote monitoring of your plants and alert you if there are issues seen. If you need help, reach out to our Consulting staff for a quote today to save your garden: 1(517)-325-0707