House Strains

Possible Fall Release!
MSP late flowering
MSP in heavy trichome production!

We also have another new strain cross from two of our absolute favorites, MSP x NorthernLights we are dubbing: Stoner Dave’s Bubba Kush!!!! This is still in the f1 phase but seeds are out to our best testers and we will have updates and more BETTER pictures ASAP! Here is how one of the first are coming out:

SDBK(Stoner Dave’s Bubba Kush:

SDBK Big cola cut End Wk4!
In testing!

In Testing!

We also have a new slew of crosses we are working on and have more testers going out shortly! One of our more exciting crosses is a regular cross with GMO x MSP!

Currently in R&D: ZZ Wop(ZSkittlz from ILGM x Unknown bag seed fast flowering male), O’Belly(Obiwan Kush x Gelato), Northern Force(Northern Lights x Obiwan Kush) BadGirl, Northern Lights, SourPoison, BananaB, ZSkittlZ, BlueBerrybutcher, BruceBanger, AlienTech, Rainbow Krush, FLO, Sunset Sherbet, Sunkiss, Missys Stash & More! Breeder looking for a vendor? We are currently accepting breeders to the Mr.GreenGene family!

Contact us for more info or any questions you may have at the email below:

Check back to this page to see the newest developments as they are announced and other House Strains coming soon!