House Strains

Our House Breeder:(ReeferMadness Seeds)is currently in the process of producing the following strains:

Michigan Sweet Pine(MSP):

MSP has become one of our very most loved strains in house! It grows very large and the stretch is decent in beginning flowering. This strain definitely requires trellising due to its volume and weight! Designated a Heavy Hitter with massive amounts of benefits to aid chronic issues such as **Nausea, Pain**!!!!! As you can see, she was pushed very hard this run as one of our stress tests, she scored a 10/10 for: Terpines, Weight production, Trichome production! Further labs to happen soon!

We also have another new strain cross from two of our absolute favorites, MSP x NorthernLights we are dubbing: Stoner Dave’s Bubba Kush!!!! This is still in the f1 phase but seeds are out to our best testers and we will have updates and more BETTER pictures ASAP! Here is how one of the first are coming out:

SDBK F1 #3 Triple Up pheno (Three cotyledons, three per set serrated all the way up so far!)

Strain cross F2 from Obiwan-Kush X Gelato. This is a feminized cross. The phenotype of Gelato has nice big colas and is coated in a thick layer of trichomes! The distinct smell of sweet melon is apparent in the Gelato phenotype being used and will be looked for in the offspring! The Obiwan has much smaller colas, but is known to have a surprisingly high THC content of 28-32% This particular strain is being bred to help nausea and pain! Watch for O’Belly(Obiwan-Kush x Gelato)‘s release date to be announced and get your exclusive O’Belly feminized seed and save yourself from the pain, let your stomach just relax and breathe normally!(Can be especially useful for people suffering from chronic IBS, Crones and other stomach ailments, back and stomach pain and cramping).

As a wonderful surprise to us, Our breeder also made an F2 Obiwan Kush X Northern Lights feminized cross we are calling Northern Force! Both of these breeds O’Belly & Northern Force are currently in production. Make sure to keep an eye out for Northern Force & O’Belly coming soon!(Currently in testing)

NF left/Obelly right

A New strain we are working on to honor one of the funniest people and also one of the best cooks Stoner Dave has ever known is in the works!!!! It is a three way cross featuring one of our favorite strains, NorthernLights. Along side the NL we will have a Banana and a Blueberry strain to create our RedWhiteBlue (strawberry, banana, blueberry):


This strain is dedicated to a wonderful person who was not only an educator to myself as well but also a huge influence in music, food, living a valuable life & taking care of your family! The new house strain: Sawyers we are hoping to release in fall 2022! Keep an eye out for pictures of the parents coming soon!

Currently in R&D: ZZ Wop(ZSkittlz from ILGM x Unknown bag seed fast flowering male), O’Belly(Obiwan Kush x Gelato), Northern Force(Northern Lights x Obiwan Kush) BadGirl, Northern Lights, SourPoison, BananaB, ZSkittlZ, BlueBerrybutcher, BruceBanger, AlienTech, Rainbow Krush, FLO, Sunset Sherbet, Sunkiss, Missys Stash & More! Breeder looking for a vendor? We are currently accepting breeders to the Mr.GreenGene family!

Contact us for more info or any questions you may have at the email below:

Check back to this page to see the newest developments as they are announced and other House Strains coming soon!