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Mr. GreenGene Cannabis Seed Bank is located in Lansing Michigan and is The FIRST CAPITOL CITY SEED BANK starting in 2021! We are a small family run company with one goal: Helping people get the best genetics possible!

Our owner “Stoner Dave” is a long time Cannabis connoisseur and Medical Cannabis patient with chronic pain and stomach ailments. He likes to grow as well and also owns ReeferMadness Genetics(Our Michigan Sweet Pine has become a fan favorite over the past year of testing) . You will see ReeferMadness Genetics in our available seeds currently with SDBK(Stoner Dave’s Bubba Kush) & Northern Lights RBX1, Sour Spirits & PC-13 Slurricane S1!

Currently we are breeding some strains to help “Stoner Dave” ‘s pain and nausea. We have been successful thus far using zkittlz from ILGM and Michigan Sweet Pine along with some MSP crosses to combat pain and nausea in a HUGE way!! The best found so far has been PC-13 Slurricane S1 & Apple Fritter!!!!!!







Contact Information(updated 2022):

Email: mrgreengenesseeds@gmail.com

Phone # 1(517)-885-5814