PC-13 Slurricane S1 Fem 6pk!


  • Flowering time: 8wks
  • Height: Med-Large
  • Trellising: Not needed!
  • Yield: Med-large
  • Terp Profile: Berries, Lemons

Available in Feminized 6 Pack!

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PC-13 Slurricane S1 Fem From: ReeferMadness Genetics



Key Notes from theĀ  Breeder:

Slurricane S1 is one of the best strains Stoner Dave has found to aid his nausea and pain! This easy to grow strain is great for beginners and pro growers alike. It has a unique terpene profile with subtle notes of fruit, gas, pine it brings a lot to the table, as well as being pretty resistant to mold/pm. She has a strong structure and takes well to Supercropping/LST/Topping, great for the home grower needing the best meds!!

  • Flowering time: 8-9wks
  • Height: Med-Large
  • Trellising: Not needed!
  • Yield: large
  • Terp Profile: Fruit, gas, pine and a unique profile of its own!

Available in Feminized 10 Pack!



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