ReeferMadness STS Spray Kit (Instructions included)


kit Instructions Included!

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STS Kit:

Kit includes:

1oz Brown Bottle A.

1oz Brown Bottle B.

2oz Brown Mixing Bottle.


If you lost your instructions, they are below:

STS mix instructions:

CAUTION! A and B are not diluted and should be mixed with gloves, keep away from eyes and skin/clothing!

The following STS spray kit includes the following:

1oz A solution

1oz B solution

2oz Mixing bottle

While in separate bottles, A & B will have extremely long shelf life if kept in a dark cool place. Once mixed, the shelf life is 4 months approximately.

Mixing A/B:

When ready, take bottle A and mix a 1part A to 9 parts distilled water solution into the 2oz spray bottle! KEEP IN MIND YOU STILL NEED ROOM FOR BOTTLE B & 9 more parts distilled water in the spray bottle!

Repeat this same step for bottle B!

Shake thuroughly….guess what?! Your ready to reverse your female plants!

WHEN TO SPRAY-7days before the flip to 12/12 to start flowering, take the plant you intend to reverse out of the area and then spray! Spray till you get runoff from leaves & stemps. Then again on flip day 1,4,7,10,13+ every three days or so 7-9 times+ total!

leave that plant outside or away from other plants!! More stubborn plants will need different dilution ratios or 10+sprays, wait till dry then back into the grow room! aprox 1mon to see pollen!

If needed, increase potency of mix or decrease and see how plants react! You can start on a small area to make sure you are on target. Take the pollen from those male flowers that are produced(bananas or balls) and use that pollen to pollenate the female you want to cross with or backcross etc. Grow out the seeds produced to check! This should work 90% of the time. Some plants are harder and some easier just like cloning.