X-factor OG-Auto Fem 6pk!


Lineage/Origins: Trizzler x Muchacha

  • Type: Feminized hybrid autoflower

  • Filial Generation: F4

  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): Below average to Low

  • First sign of flower:  21-28 days from sprout

  • Total life cycle in days: 75-85

  • Height:  Medium to tall

  • Yield Index (per sf): high

  • Color: Almost always green but an occasional purple pheno will arise. 

  • Aroma/Nose: A confusing combination of old garlic, black licorice candy, and burnt rubber.

  • Effects: Great, long lasting body high.  This is good “evening wind-down” smoke

  • Notes:   Faster than the Muchacha and heavier yields than Trizzlers, this really is the best of both worlds.  She leans closer to Muchacha with sweet candy undertones inherited from the Trizzlers. Plants are very uniform size, structure and smell.  

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X-FACTOR OG From: Twenty20Mendocino


    • Origins: Sour Snow, SFVOG

    • Filial Generation: F5

    • Phenotypic Variation:  Very Low

    • First Sign of Flower: 27-33 days from sprout

    • Total Life Cycle: 85-95 days

    • Height:  Above average/Tall

    • Yield Index (Per sf): High

    • Nose: Gas, Fumes, Fuel, Lemon, Classic OG Smell

    • Laboratory Potency Results: N/A

    •  This is a tall cultivar.  High resistance to botrytis.    Extremely dense trichome production and great classic OG smell and taste.  Expect very low phenotypic variation.   Anticipate a height of 4-5’ in a 2 gallon container.   For a dense canopy plant approximately 25”-32” apart in the ground or in 2+ gallon pots.  Plant closer if using smaller pots.

Available in Feminized Autoflowering 6-Packs!

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